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What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

Search Engine optimization is the technique or process through which a website attains a better ranking on the search engines and is promoted on the World Wide Web in such a manner that it attracts genuine unpaid or organic traffic to the website. Only a professional team of expert Search Engine optimizers like us can successfully implement the SEO processes in an effective manner so that it delivers the desired result. SEO is a part of “Internet Marketing” as the prime objective of this process is to provide relevant information about the products and services of a particular website, to its targeted audience and urge them to pay a visit to the website and finally convert such visits into sales. An expert Search engine optimizer puts into use his knowledge about the algorithm that a search engine follows to extract information from the website along with Internet marketing techniques to promote the website on the World Wide Web and also assure that the website attains a better ranking on the major search engines like Google Yahoo and Bing

An evaluation about the effectiveness of the SEO process and techniques implemented for a particular website can be done by assessing the percentage increase in the volume of traffic, leads and/or actual sales of the products and services that are being displayed on the website. The effectiveness of the SEO process can also be assessed by checking the website’s ranking on major search engines, it bears testimony about the relevancy of content of the site and also about the visibility of the site to internet users worldwide.

Why do you need SEO for your website?

A website is the virtual identity of a business on the Internet, so it is absolutely necessary, that it conveys relevant information about the purpose of a business to the prospective clients/customers. It is also required for the business to promote its image through Internet Marketing in the virtual world just like it does in the real world through advertising. To serve these two objectives there is a need for a professionally planned SEO process. Although the list of reasons is endless as to why a website needs to be optimized a few important ones are listed below:
  • Better visibility in the world of Internet
  • Increases organic traffic
  • Better Ranking on search engines like Google Yahoo Bing etc
  • Search engines prefer organic results than paid ads
  • Paid ads on search engines can be very expensive while SEO can be done at affordable prices
  • Increases Business profits by increasing the conversion rate on websites
  • Manual SEO process ensures genuine traffic to the website
To know more about our SEO process plans, check our Structured SEO Methodology section.
Why choose Sibz Solutions as an SEO Service provider?

As an SEO company, Sibz Solutions is committed to provide you best quality service at the most competitive prices. By Providing tailor made solutions and a wide range of seo packages that suit your Business requirements, we have created a unique identity as a SEO company in India. To start with we provide a free analysis of your entire website and suggest you a package that suits you the best. If you require a unique tailor made solution then visit our request a quote section.

We do an extensive research on your website before we embark upon optimizing your website. As SEO experts we take into consideration intricate details of your website and then plan seo activities. Such detailed and professional planning ensures that you get genuine organic traffic on your website and it substantially contributes in enhancing the popularity of your website On the Internet.

Expert SEO Solutions from Sibz Solutions in Pune India will offer you the following advantages which will definitely give you an edge over your competition

  1. Affordable SEO Solutions
  2. Low Cost SEO Operations
  3. Advanced SEO technique
  4. Higher Visibility of your products/services on the World Wide Web and your Local region
  5. Increased targeted traffic
  6. Increased number of Sales Leads
  7. Increased Customers
  8. Increased Sales
  9. Long term Relationships
As a company we take pride in our rich clientele and also the fact that our customers keep coming back to us after they have tried our Seo services once. SEO is an ongoing process and thus as a company we look forward to a long term association with our clients. As an SEO solutions company we are available 24/7 to clear your doubts/ queries. Check out our clients Testimonials

The results on search engines speak about our performance as a SEO company. Try our SEO services once and you will definitely agree that our expertise in this field will give you the best Return on Investments.

SEO Services
Tweak your website
Sibz Solutions' Search Engine Optimization process goes a long way than just putting "come, buy" titles all over the internet. As SEO Specialists we analyze your website, do an exhaustive research on keywords and also your competition and then plan and implement Search Engine Optimization strategies so that it communicates in the best possible way with the target audience. We consider ourselves to be one of the very few Internet Marketing companies in Pune, India who provide tailor made professional SEO solutions for our clients from across the globe. We have a dedicated and highly qualified team who help us provide affordable SEO solutions which will give you the maximum possible visibility in the Internet world. As an SEO services company in Pune India we are also committed to buyers on your website and not just traffic.

Search Engine Optimization is not only about achieving Rank #1 in Google/Yahoo/Bing. It starts with acquiring a lead and ends with converting it into sales. So, we integrate the regular SEO process with enhancing the site features and making the page appealing enough for your leads. We believe our project management skills should meet your marketing objectives.
Along with SEO, SMO also plays an vital role in generating Genuine Traffic on your website.
What is Social Media Optimization? (SMO Services)
SMO stands for Social Media optimization which is a process through which information about products and/ or services of a particular website is popularized or made public through Social networking sites and/ or online communities

In the physical world people share ideas, or knowledge about certain products or services they are interested in, through word of mouth. Similarly in the virtual world or the Internet, information travels at an unbelievable speed through the Social Media when a certain topic/idea is discussed and talked about among people belonging to a specific network. Hence, its time we put to use, this speed and the end user human behavior in collaboration with the latest SMO and SMM techniques to create Brand awareness and attract targeted traffic to the website.

The Social Media can create a buzz about your website in no time if the web content is informative and genuine and gives food for thought to people. To optimize the content of your website we make certain changes onpage which can be as simple as adding book marking icon your website but it goes a long way to create an image for your brand on the Internet.

As the competition gets stiffer by the day it becomes very important to adopt out-of-the-box thinking and design a SMO and SMM campaign which can keep you ahead of your competition apart from bringing in genuine traffic to your website and creating valuable one way links SMO and SMM services also let you network with prospective customers and/or targeted audience. The beauty of SMO and SMM services lies in the fact that it involves little or no cost but generates spontaneous response from users and has a long lasting effect too.
Why choose Sibz Solutions as an SMO and SMM service provider?
In-depth analysis of your site is done to understand your requirement better
Brand building is done through SMO by making necessary onpage changes
Only white Hat techniques followed
Effective Viral Marketing techniques followed
Content is posted on all Social Networking sites like Facebook Twitter, Myspace
Blog marketing, Forum Marketing and Ad posting are done effectively
Detailed monthly reports are sent to clients
SEO Services in India
We have been recognized by our clients all across the globe for providing world class SEO services in India. We engage ourselves in a wide range of onpage and offpage optimization activities based on client specific requirement so as to ensure that a particular website not only reaches the top position but stays there for a longer time. SEO Solutions in India provided by Sibz Solutions are designed planned and implemented by a team of SEO experts who aim at bringing buyers to the website and not just building backlinks aimlessly.

The link juice that these backlinks bring to a website is optimized by our seo experts so that it doesn't flow out of the website. The link juice flow optimization is one of the many unique onpage processes that we as a seo services company in India follow to give your site a better visibility and increased traffic.
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" I highly recommend these guys and am going to use them for a another project ASAP. Here's my
site they redesigned"
- BuyJunkers,Tyrone Taylor
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