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  • We assure you that we will generate genuine and organic traffic to your website through our SEO activities.Experience a financial growth in your business by availing our SEO services today!
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  • We assure you that we will generate genuine and organic traffic to your
    website through our SEO activities. Experience a financial growth in your
    business by availing our SEO services today!
  • We follow only white hat techiniques to creat one-way permanent links to your website. Ensure a better ranking on search engines and increase the relevant traffic to your website by availing our link building services today!


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Social Media optimization is the process or technique of drawing targeted audience to your website content through popular social networking sites, Blogs, forums, microblogging etc. Social Media optimization has proved to be an effective way to generate relevant traffic to your website as it aims at drawing traffic from websites which promote participation of users. The inventor of World Wide Web, Tim Bernes-Lee prefers referring to these Web 2.0 websites as “Read/write web” as the users on these websites connect to other fellow users and share their ideas, views and opinions on a wide range of topics, in writing and at the same time they update their knowledge on the topics they are interested in, by reading about the same.

In the nut shell Social Media optimization deals in optimizing the content of your website in such a way that its not only informative but it also welcomes participation of prospective customers to discuss about the theme or purpose of your website.

Apart from social networking sites we can also propagate the theme/products/services of your website by submitting audio clips, video clips, images, articles etc on relevant high PR websites and in the process also create valuable one way backlinks to your site.  This technique of promoting your website through multiple submissions of information is also known as “Viral Marketing “ and is an integral part of Social Media Marketing(SMM).

In order to understand the concept of  Social Media Optimization and Social Media Marketing  we should first get acquainted to a few concepts which are enlisted below
Concepts related to SMO and SMM

» Web 2.0

Web 2.0 refers to web applications which allow users to interact with each other on a common platform through internet. According to Wikipedia “The term Web 2.0 is associated with web applications that facilitate interactive systemic biases, interoperability, user-centered design, and developing the World Wide Web. Social networking, sites, forums, Blogs, Video sharing sites, Wikis are few example of Web2.0.

Web 2.0 is mainly used for:

Social networking
Social Bookmarking
• Video and photo sharing
• Contributing to RSS feeds

» Viral Marketing :

Viral marketing, this a technique of Search Engine marketing by which one can popularize an idea/product or service on Internet through submitting relevant information multiple times about a website on WEB 2.0 sites. According to Wikipedia “Viral marketing and viral advertising are buzzwords referring to marketing techniques that use pre-existing social networks to produce increases in brand awareness or to achieve other marketing objectives (such as product sales) through self-replicating viral processes, analogous to the spread of virus or computer viruses”. It probably got its name based on the fact that viruses regenerate automatically and spread over a network. Similarly these audios, videos, articles about a website give food for thought to people and inspire them to discuss certain ideas /products or services spontaneously. When an user accepts a idea coming through a Social media channel then it becomes synonymous to getting “infected “ by the ”virus”(idea) and when he/she passes on that idea to friends/fans/followers on social networking sites, it becomes the same as “ spreading the virus” within the specific network.

» Microblogging :

Micro blog as the name suggests is a miniature version of a traditional Blogs. The permissible limit of content that can be posted on a micro blog is lesser than that of a traditional blog. According to Wikipedia "allow users to exchange small elements of content such as short sentences, individual images, or video links".

Some microblogs allow users the additional facility to restrict the access to the blog content. The microblog in this case will be visible only to viewers specifies by the microblogger.

» SMO and SMM:

These two words Social Media Optimization and Social Media Marketing are the Buzz words in the world of Internet Marketing and it is often perceived that they have the same meaning .Whereas the truth is, these are two different techniques of attracting traffic to a website and carry different meaning and importance.

Social media optimization (SMO) deals with optimizing the content of the website in such a way so that it flows through the social networking sites and other social mediums to the prospective buyers or targeted audience in an effective way and the end result is to draw traffic to the website. Here we can say by optimizing the site content through SMO we are trying to attract or pull traffic to the website. Whereas in Social Media marketing we try to spread our message about a website in the form of audio/video or text to the targeted audience through different blogs, forums, video sharing sites by adopting a range of Viral marketing techniques.

Although both SMO and SMM processes are designed in a way so that they attract traffic and create brand awareness spontaneously the SMM process needs an initial thrust or push, in the form of submission of content on different relevant sites After this initial thrust however the SMM campaign is expected to generate result and create brand value for the website on its own.

We have a team of experts who practice SMO and SMM techniques to bring in genuine traffic to your website. We have a rich clientele to boast about who recognize us as the Best SMO and SMM services company in India as we only implement white hat techniques to bring “organic” traffic to your website. It only needs, creative thinking, innovation and expertise in the field of Internet marketing like ours to create brand awareness in the Virtual world through well thought out SMO and SMM plans and techniques.
Try our SMO and SMM Services today!
Follow the few simple steps listed below to try our SMO services:
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If you are unable to decide which SMO package to choose then please Contact us, we will suggest you a suitable package that suits your requirement the best.
If you want a unique plan for SMO and SMM services then please send your requirement need through request a quote form, we will offer you a tailor made solution which suits your business requirement the best.
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