FREE SEO Services for every Redesign

Yes! Sibz Solutions is offering Free SEO services for your website.

Every website you redesign from us, we will perform FREE SEO services/promotions for the entire month. The best part of this offer is: We will not charge you any SEO fees for promoting your website. In this one month, we will perform the required on-page optimizations (to have the Search Engine Friendly website) and will also promote your website by making all relevant SEO submissions across the internet for back link building. SEO submission which gets converted as permanent Backlinks always helps the website to increase the SERP (Search Engine Results Page). With competitive keywords searches your website will be visible high in search engine result page.

Does your website really need re-designing?

Ask a few questions to yourself about your website and then decide to re-design:

  • How much revenue, sales and inquiries, your website generates for you?
  • Does your website instantly show the relevant pages which the visitor is searching?
  • How often your Contact Us page collects & forward you inquiries?
  • Does your website give all statistical information about your website visitors?
  • Is it a User-friendly website for a site visitor?
  • Would you rate your website design better than your competitors?
  • Does your website really help your business to spread a word about your Company services?
  • Have you ever thought or analyzed how supportive your website is to increase your business?

If the answers to the most of the questions above are negative, then yes! It’s time for a re-design.

Your website will generate business revenue, sales or leads for you only if:

  • A visitor finds your website in major Search Engine listing like Google/Yahoo/Bing etc.
  • Most of the competitive keywords of your website are on 1st page of Search Engines.
  • Your website search engine listing position is always ahead and stable than competitor’s website listing position.
  • Your website is user-friendly for the site visitors as well as for the search engine crawlers.
  • Your website receives organic traffic, referral traffic, and social networking traffic.
  • Your website is easy to navigate and allow the visitors to contact you.


Few Real facts about websites:

When was the last time you had a look at your website from a user’s perspective instead of the site owner/webmaster?

In our experience, spanning more than a decade, we have noticed that not more than 10% (or even less) websites are redesigned. A webmaster or site owner prefers to keep the same design for years together. One school of thoughts would say that this is the best approach because if something is generating revenue or is going well, why change it. But the actual fact remains that the speed of technology advancement is too high, and any website older than 15-18 months is lacking behind the market leaders. So, in other words a webmaster/site owner should start analyzing a redesign every 12-13 months. This will allow you to have sufficient time to plan your redesign and have it executed with no negative impacts.

A negative impact will be caused when the new design does not carry forward the older page information. The new design should always be built on the existing design instead of giving a completely new look. This allows the site users to get accustomed to the new changes easily and also allows search engines to keep the same ranking/positions as the previous designs.

How a newly re-designed website will help you to increase your Business?

In today’s competitive market it is very important that your website is at par with the latest trends. That said: it is also very important to plan your design with utmost care instead of just a whim! Read further to analyze and understand the complete process. We are sure that this will surely help you to plan your future course of action.

The most important consideration to make during a redesign is to make sure that the Tags (Meta Tags implementation and other on-page optimization SEO factors) are carried forward to the existing design. This does not mean that you copy paste the current information as it is. You should analyze these elements and carry forward only those that are working for you and leave out everything that is not showing any results or low results.

The analysis should not only be related to TAGS but also to the content of the website. For example, if the google analytic reports show that there is a very high number of bounces on your service page, you need to rethink that page. May be it is too lengthy or the text is not drafted correctly and on the other hand the report shows that your product listing page is the most viewed page, try to place the same information link on multiple locations or link the listing page from more sections.

All these are precautions are required so that your current website ranking and visitors are maintained after the redesign. This also means that you should be well versed with the Search Engine Standards.

These SEO Standards are frequently updated and are different for each search engine. So it is necessary that you hire the services of such partners who are not only good in web designs but are also updated/aware of these SEO Standards.



Guaranteed SEO Results for your website:


At Sibz Solutions, we have a professionally qualified SEO team.
This team is updated on all the fronts and use pure white hat techniques to promote your website. Each Google update is carefully studied so that under no means your website should be penalized. Apart from this our experienced team of designers and developers can bring your website to the same level as the market leaders.

So what are you waiting for? Grab this opportunity and give yourself a chance to be amongst the trend setters. We are offering FREE SEO promotions with a new professionally planned website design.

To proceed further please provide your website URL and we will create a FREE Mock sample of home page design for your website. Once you approve the Home page design the inner pages of your website will be created. All pages will be designed professionally, will be informative and will have search engine friendly URLs with Meta Tags implementations (Title Tag, Description, Keywords implementation from SEO promotion point-of- view)

The actual SEO promotions will start only after the complete site has been redesigned and made live on your server. The SEO promotions/submissions will create Backlinks from many High PR sources like Web 2.0 properties, Article directories, press release publications and many more other sources.

Since these SEO promotions/submissions are ethical/white hat, not only your website pages will be indexed but your website listing position will also gain high position in search engine result pages with quite a few competitive keywords. The performance of these submissions/promotions of your website can be tracked using Analytics tool and webmaster tools.

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