What is Directory submission?

Directory submission is the process of submitting the link of your website in directories which are relevant to the theme/purpose of your website. This is a very effective way of generating traffic to your website through building a one way link on the directory.


Apparently the process of Directory submission seems to be very simple where one needs to just go and submit a link on the directory but this is far from reality. To make successful submissions to directories which can actually attract genuine traffic to your website, lot of research and planning is required.

Directories generally have categories and sub categories to list products and services. Only popular and professionally designed directories categorize products and services in details so that it’s easier for users to find the information they are looking for. E.g. DMOZ. There are a few directories that have listing only for a niche category like “Shopping directories” which have only ecommerce websites listed. These directories are definitely of great value to businesses as well as users who search for a particular category based on region/products/services. Before we submit a particular link to a directory it is advisable to follow the few simple steps mentioned below.


To make a detailed analysis of the website for which we wish to make directory submissions to understand its theme; the reason why such a website exists.
To identify directories relevant to the theme of the website. To plan directory submissions only to the ones that has a respectable position on the search engines. It will defeat the purpose of generating genuine traffic to the website if submissions are not made to relevant directories.
To identify whether the directory has a dofollow or nofollow link and plan a directory submission strategy accordingly.
To make directory submissions following the standard or rules mentioned by the directory website. We should also keep in mind that certain directories do not encourage self promotion of the website. In that case the directory post should be informative in nature (To make directory submissions in edu, org in equal proportion or as per the specific theme of the website).

Concepts related to Directory Submissions

Nofollow links: Certain websites restrict the web crawlers to crawl information from the site. When a web site has a good position on the search engine, owing to the fact that they have permanent backlinks to their site, it is perceived that they have a good link juice (traffic they get from backlinks). They aim at restricting this link juice to flow from their website and percolate to other websites which have their links placed on this website so they restrict the web crawlers to crawl information from their website. It is good to post information to nofollow directories only if it is pertinent to the theme of the website but it has little or no value from search engine point of view.

Dofollow links: Websites with Dofollow links on the other hand allow web crawlers to crawl information from the site and display it on search engines. Submitting to directories with do follow links will ensure that your products and services are featuring on the search engines and bringing in organic traffic to your website.

One way link building: Links which point back to your website and are placed on a different website other than yours are called one way links. These are called one way links because it brings visitors interested in your website from some other website through the link you have placed on that website but not vice versa i.e. take visitors from your website to the other website.

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