How Link Baiting Increases Traffic To your Website

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You may find nothing new when I mention that link building or getting back links is the most reliable way to get high traffic to your website. But, there are many innumerable techniques to procure back links. However, you need to select the best technique depending upon the strategy for your website. That being really a huge topic to discuss here we are going to concentrate only on ‘Link Bait’, which really is a proven method to boost your marketing efforts.

Link baiting enables bloggers and small business owners to accumulate a lot of inbound links to their blogs and website. Now, in the long run, that counts a lot. When Search Engines finds good quality links with proper anchor text, it gives a higher ranking to your website for a specific keyword and lets you stay there for a longer time

There always has been a question of quality Vs quantity of the back links, which remains unanswered. However, going by common sense, it is better to have some back links than having none. Considering relevance, getting inbound links relevant to the content has merits. That being said, it is good to aim for some high quality, relevant inbound links for good rankings for the targeted keywords.

But how to create a Link Bait that hooks?

Rather than asking webmasters to make a link request, link baiting emphasizes on creating a top quality content forcing others to like it so much that they either share it or will link to your content because of its high quality. The method is within your capabilities simply in 3 steps:

  1. Do a thorough analysis of the topic you have in mind and find the sites that will be interested to share your content on the said topic.
  2. Provide content with an intention, to educate the reader. You can represent your thoughts in lot many ways, it can be a funny story, a ‘how-to’ kind of tutorial, or a post which contains important information about the upcoming trend. You just have to provide content relevant to your topic so that it adds to your reader’s knowledge.
  3. Once your content is live, you will have to start searching for prospects, who will be interested in sharing your content, by emailing them or conveying the message via social media sites. It might happen that the visitors find your information helpful. It is also essential to promote your content wherever possible, be it forums with relevant topics being discussed or questions and answers sites, blog comments, social bookmarking sites and social media networking sites.

After knowing the benefits of link baiting, you must use this technique for your next blog.

Still not sure how it will work?

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