Outsource all your website designing and development projects to us:

We have observed over the years that recruiting the right man for the right job can be quite a challenging task. In addition to that, to maintain and manage a productive work force, one needs experience, resources and dedicated attention and time. More so, when one has just started a business venture and still testing waters.

To help you save time money and resources, we have a ready solution for you. Just at the click of a mouse discuss and outsource your business ideas/web development projects with us. Don’t let your business ideas lie idle in your laptop folders because you have the dearth of time or resources.

How it works?

We will treat your project as if it was our own. Whether you are an individual website owner, or a Web development Company, or a Web consultant or an individual who wants to start his/her own Web development business, we can support you by providing professional web development services, which also includes Domain registration and Hosting services.

We will do a detailed feasibility study of your web development and web designing requirement and prepare a specification document which will describe the project scope in detail. Once this document gets approved by you we will decide on the project cost and the team size. Generally, the team allocated for your project will include 1 Delivery Manager, 1 Project manager, web developer and web designer (numbers will vary according to the scale of the project)

Benefits of Outsourcing your website designing and web development projects to us:

  • No establishment or fixed cost as the project gets developed at our premises
  • Rich experience of 10+years put to use to deliver world class web development solutions
  • Timely advice and suggestions available to individuals/companies who are new to this field
  • Professional web development services delivered at a very competitive price.
  • Our web development services also include domain registration and hosting services (optional) which saves your time and effort as Sibz Solution becomes the one-stop solution to all your requirements.

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