Web Development Services
What is Web Development Services?

Web development covers a large area. It starts from developing the most basic single page of plain text to the most intricate web-based virtual businesses, social network services etc. The term web development might refer to web engineering, web designing, web content creation etc. Thus, it is a vast area.

Websites these days are highly dynamic and interactive. Of course, this has been made possible by the expanding set of online tools and New-Age technologies. This has led to the decentralization of information. The advent of cloud services such as Adobe Creative Cloud, Dropbox, and Google docs are the common example. E-commerce is perhaps the biggest example of web development-driven blending of communication and commerce. The numerous online shopping has transformed the consumers perspective.


How our team can help you?

Whether you are in the process of setting up a new business or giving a new dimension to your existing business, we know how to fulfill your personalized business requirements. With a remarkable experience of more than 15 years, Sibz Solutions has been rendering world class website development services to its clients globally. The task of creating a website is not just treated as any assignment by us. We put our heart and soul in it since it is our passion. Since past 15 years, we have rendered services to strengthen the businesses of all sizes, large, medium and small. Here are some major points that can give you an overview of how our team works:

  • Having dealt with various industry sectors, our company specializes in delivering web solutions that are supremely tailor made as per your specific business requirement.
  • We make sure to utilize every single spot of the available space and eventually create a flexible, dynamic and strong website. We are sensitive regarding the fact that your website means a lot to you when to others it might simply be another window displaying products and services. It is the sole space where you can highlight your products and services and showcase it in front of the entire world.
  • Our web development company pursues to deliver a wide array of web solutions that are 100% authentic and trendy.
  • We strictly follow the popular quote Time is money. Thus, we are unwaveringly committed to delivering quality web solutions to you right on time. Our diligent team of experts works continually on project assignments undertaken. A structured methodology and pre-scheduled deadline are strictly abided by.
  • Our website development services are essentially cost effective, fresh and customizable as per the need of your business.
  • Whether it is about giving a brand new look to your existing business identity or originating a brand new identity for your business, we can handle it all. Also, your business size does not matter. Versatility is our characteristic feature.
  • We strongly believe in providing web services with the aid of cutting-edge technologies to all our global clients.
Which technologies do we use?

We mainly use the following list of technologies:

  • PHP
  • MySQL
  • XML
  • Linux/Apache
  • MS Access
  • Oracle
  • PostGres Sql


Our range of web development services include:
  • E-commerce web development “ Shopping Carts & Payment Gateways
  • WordPress development
  • Educational website development
  • Real Estate website development
  • Social Network website development
  • Tours and Travels website development
  • Content Management System integration
  • OsCommerce Integration
  • Medical website development
  • CS-cart development
  • Technology and communication-related website development
  • Photos and Videos building
  • Sports related website development

What is our methodology?
  • In-depth Assessment and strategy formation

    We assess your target market requirements, present page views, present search engine rankings and other such crucial factors. Next comes the designing of a well-designed strategy.

  • Conceptualisation of web-page

    We shall come up with the finalized designs that shall successfully communicate your brand and online identity to your stake holders. This step includes the submission of our final concepts for your precious feedback.

  • Developmental phase

    After you have accepted our submissions, we further work upon the HTML development and CMS configuration phase. We then enter Testing phase followed by the multi-browser phase.

  • Evaluation and finishing touch

    After passing the preliminary testing phase, the website is subjected to User Acceptance Testing to you. Based on your feedback, we make further alterations, if required followed by the Data Migration Phase.

  • Final Deployment

    After the website is setup on your server, it is subjected to testing again to maintain data integrity.

  • Efficient Maintenance

    On your approval we make the website live. We gradually hand over the control of the site to you. We strive hard to submit your website on as many search engines possible. directories.


How you can place order with us?

Request a quote today itself and try our splendid services.